Impact of Energy Deficit: Food vs Exercise

Impact of Energy Deficit: Food vs Exercise

Let's create a scenario where an individual wants to lose weight. They will have to achieve a certain calorie deficit consistently over time, right?

The question is: Is it better to create an energy deficit from food or from exercise?

The same energy deficits induced by food restriction and exercise have different effects on appetite and energy intake.


It is mostly related to some gastrointestinal peptides (hormones) that function as a positive or negative feedback signals: stimulating or suppressing appetite and food intake.

The hormone of hunger if 42% higher when individuals restrict food compared to not restricting, and 54% higher than when exercising.

The hormone of satiety, however, is lower during food restriction than during exercising. Thus, exercise apprears to enhance satiety after meals, which facilitates weight management!

Food restrictions elicit a rapid increase in appetite, while the same energy deficits incuded by exercise do not alter appetite.


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